June 2022

We are glad to welcome a Summer Student this year at Silver Law, Anda Pop. Anda has completed her first year of law school at University of Moncton and is heading back at the end of August.


Q: What made you want to pursue law?

I’ve always been interested in law! In Grade 8, I made the conscious decision to become a lawyer. I was always interested in helping people who couldn’t help themselves and helping people understand the legal system.


Q: What have you been doing at Silver Law so far?

So far, I’ve been doing real estate conveyancing, helping on files, (playing with the office dogs!), doing probates, wills and estates.


Q: What has surprised you about working at a law firm?

It’s been surprising how different it is from law school. We learn a lot of information in law school but it’s not all practical. I was also surprised at how much interaction solicitors actually have with people. You assume litigation would be more people-oriented than soliciting. What Silver Law does is a different type of law than we focus on at law school – law school seems to focus primarily on the legal proceedings and research for that.


Q: What have you found most interesting?

I actually think real estate law is really interesting because it’s so fast-paced in Vancouver. I’ve enjoyed learning about how property transactions happen. Also, before my time here I knew nothing about estates and hadn’t really thought about the importance of writing a will for instance.


Q: How will this change your perspective on your studies when you return?

Before I came to work at Silver Law I didn’t enjoy property law or even fully understand what a fee simple was. But after doing it in person and seeing how much we deal with people I am thinking about taking another property law class to learn more about transactional conveyancing.


Q: What kind of law do you hope to end up in?

That’s a tough one! I would like to learn more about real estate law and corporate law – corporate law was my first interest when I got into law school. I’m also curious about criminal law but still deciding.


“It’s been wonderful having Anda at the office and we will be sad to see her go! She has a great work ethic and I wouldn’t be surprised to see her become a judge someday!!” – Cindy